Specializing in Mental Health Billing Services

As a doctor, you need to ask yourself, do you enjoy dealing with insurance companies, high priced software and frequent hardware and equipment upgrades? Is it a good use of your time to spend hours on hold with insurance companies to check claim status and patient benefits? Do you often put your energy into patient care and documentation but put billing on hold until you find time in your busy schedule?

Billing Solutions, Inc. allows you to focus on what matters most—your patients. We take care of the behind the scenes issues that eat up your valuable time. We check benefits for your patients, invoice insurance companies and send patients monthly statements. Our providers typically spend less than five minutes a day completing our billing forms and submitting to us. Claims are billed out upon receipt and providers begin receiving reimbursement in as little as five days. We expect patients to pay their portion at the time of service but realize this is not always a possibility so we are able to accept payment by phone, website, or by mail. Patients are always encouraged to call us directly with any questions and concerns. We believe strongly in what you do for the patients and therefore go out of our way to make sure billing issues are not a further stressor for them.

We are a small company so you will always receive personal service from us. We do not outsource as some of the bigger companies do and we get to know exactly how your practice should be managed. We have over fourteen years of experience specializing in mental health, psychological, and psychiatric billing. We currently do billing for psychiatrists, psychologists, limited licensed psychologists, licensed professional counselors and social workers. These providers are able to maintain their solo or small group practices but yet enjoy the same benefits and luxuries of billing staff that typically only large groups have.

Please feel free to call or email us for more ways we can help you in your practice.