Billing Solutions has helped my practice grow by billing accurately, responding timely to clients' requests, and offering solid support to my business in any ways needed.
Vicki Nelson Smeby
As a professional, I feel secure knowing that Billing Solutions keeps my financial/billing issues compliant with HIPAA and all of the changing heath care laws with insurances regulations and specialized contracts. They respond in a timely manner and give me data and answers that I need when I need them. Thank you, Billing Solutions!
Mark S. Kane
Owner Riverview Psychological Services P.C.
As a doctor you need to ask yourself, do you find success and joy in dealing with insurance companies, high priced software, and hardware/equipment? It is a financial necessity for your practice to perfect this area; however, your practice and patients are why you went into this field. A complete understanding of the complexities of insurance, software, and technology is why I went into this field. Together, it works.
Jackie Crump CPC
Founder / Billing Solutions LLC
I have worked with Billing Solutions in the past, so when I began thinking about private practice, I gave them a call. I knew from our history that Billing Solutions is dependable and reliable. But when I began my own practice, they greatly exceeded my expectations in helping me get established with new clients and in welcoming my existing clients into our new setting. They have also helped me become paneled with new insurance companies and continue to clear up any communication problems with current companies. They also clearly and kindly communicate with my clients their financial responsibilities. While I still deal with the therapeutic issues surrounding the fiscal contract with clients, Billing Solutions takes care of all the detail work and frees me up for my real work -- the clients' treatment .
Judith K. Kuiper
Ph.D., M.Div

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